Favorite Engagement Photos of 2020


December 14, 2020

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Every December I like to take the time to reflect on the previous year.  Although the 2020 wedding season didn’t go as planned, I’ve been lucky to be a part of multiple stunning engagement sessions and micro weddings this year in Colorado! I moved to Fort Collins 1 year ago, and I am absolutely blown away by Colorado’s natural beauty! I’ve learned that this state is full of beautiful scenery and beautiful people–inside and out. You all are amazing!!

I am obviously someone who loves photos, and I always have such a difficult time culling down images from shoots. Today I need your help! I’ve picked my favorite engagement photos from 2020, but as you’ll see, there are A LOT! As a celebration of surviving 2020, please help me pick out your favorite engagement photos. I’m including my favorite full-size images here for you to peruse, and I’ll be sharing these images on my Instagram stories starting today. You can vote for your favorites while they’re being narrowed down throughout the week!  See you on the ‘gram!

Love these engagement photos and want to see their full galleries? Check them out here

If you’re ready to book your own engagement session for 2021, let me know here! Cannot wait to connect. 🙂 

2020 was a year to grow, and 2021 will be the year to celebrate. #bestyearyet

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