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March 10, 2021

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Colorado Wedding Photographer and second shooter for Hillary Shedd Photography

Hillary Shedd Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographer

When my wedding photography collections include 2 professional photographers, the first question I’m usually asked is

“Great! Who is your second shooter?”

It is my pleasure to introduce and pass the mic to my second shooter, baby daddy, and love of my life, Taylor Shedd:

Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Taylor. I’m originally from Indiana but have been fortunate enough to live in many places, including three different states with my wife. After high school, I went to the University of Hawaii to study marine biology, which a few years later led me to Scripps Institution of Oceanography for my masters where I met Hillary. My full-time job is still working in conservation and science, but here in Colorado, it’s a little less marine-themed. 

What are 5 Fun Facts about yourself?

1.) If you follow animal news, recently it was released that a black-footed ferret was cloned from a sample that was over 30 years old to help conserve and diversify the captive breeding population. Well that’s where I work. I personally didn’t do the cloning, but I work hands-on with the conservation, management and care of the ferrets. 
2.) Going downhill on a snow-covered mountain is “snow skiing” to me because I grew up competitively water skiing, which is what I call “skiing.” (Everyone in Colorado laughs at me when I ask if they want to go snow skiing.)
3.) My last name is Shedd, like the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, but this had no affect on my predisposition to studying marine biology. Fun Fact 3 Part 2: Hillary used to work at the Shedd Aquarium and only married me and took my surname for that reason.
4.) I’m interested in finding out if there’s a train conductor license so I can complete the trifecta adding to my Pilots License and Captains License (boats).
5.) I picked our daughters’ name after Hillary and I had only been dating a month. While we were at a Halloween party, someone who didn’t know us too well and thought we had been together longer asked what we might name our child. (They were pregnant at the time and dressed as Ahab and the White Whale. We dressed as Jurassic Park with Hillary’s dog Ruby as a dinosaur.) I quickly and coolly answered, Noelle.

What qualifies you as a second shooter?

I have always been interested in photography in my personal life to document cool things and places I’ve been. I have also utilized photography professionally outside of the wedding industry for conservation and research efforts. My master’s work utilized drones to study the foraging behavior of orca whales. More importantly, though, I’m married to Hillary who is an amazing photographer. So over the years of just spending time with her and being an Instagram husband, I’ve learned her style and eye. Knowing how she shoots and what she wants, and the fact that we work really well together, just makes me a perfect candidate for the second shooter. Plus, the HR Department finds the paperwork easier. 🙂

What are you most looking forward to as a wedding photographer?

I am always excited to get to know our couples; their story and vision for their wedding. Hillary is really great at being personable and her style attracts a base that is similar to us; adventurous, simple bright colors, and madly in love. So I genuinely want to be friends with all of our clients, and by the time you come over to our house for a glass of wine and your photo reveal, we will be friends. 

What advice do you have for couples who are planning their wedding right now? 

My biggest piece of advice would be to enjoy the process. Take time to reflect on everything and where you are in your life right now. I notice that couples who are stressed out or rushing tend to miss things or when it comes down to the day forget the decisions they made. Like, “Wait, we picked those flowers?” Planning your wedding is fun and being engaged is a wonderful time of life, so remember to slow down and enjoy.

For our wedding, I remember being hands-off at first, because Hillary is a professional and more so knew what she wanted. I just wanted it to be fun and pretty but didn’t really care. However, once we got into it more I really enjoyed working with her and discussing different aspects of our wedding and what we wanted. So guys, remember to participate and work together.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m excited to work with all our 2021 couples and can’t wait to meet all our future clients. I think it’s cheesy that we’re a wife-husband wedding photography team, but it’s also wonderful and creates a different vibe throughout the whole time you work with us. We are overly personal sometimes (we’re both Hufflepuff)  and truly dedicated to making your wedding the best day ever, and that you always remember that day through our images. Again, cheesy.  


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