It’s My Wedding Anniversary!


March 24, 2021

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Wedding Day Details

And in honor of my wedding anniversary, 

I’m happy to share a handful of my favorite wedding photos with you. 

I am one of those people who genuinely loves weddings! I love that everyone gets dressed up. I love the speeches and reflecting on how the couple getting married came to be. Most of all, I love the symbolism behind wedding ceremonies. The promise of loving someone and being loved for the rest of your life is both exhilarating and terrifying, in a good way. 

On March 26, 2019, Taylor and I were married in Maui, Hawaii. I’ll share the story behind why we picked Maui another time. Today, I want to share a handful of my favorite wedding photos and why. Being a wedding photographer AND someone who loves weddings, our wedding photos will always be something I treasure. I want my couples also to treasure their wedding photos and reminisce as they look through their wedding album for years to come. 

In chronological order, here are my favorite wedding photos & more importantly, why I love them:

bride laughing with mom and dad before wedding

1. Laughing With My Parents Before The Ceremony. 

This image is out of focus and in bad lighting, but I love it because it was a real moment! As guests were arriving my mom, dad, and I were inside giggling with each other. I will always remember this conversation. Changing my name was a BIG deal to me, and it’s still a hot topic between my husband and me.  But this photo reminds me that I may have added Shedd, but I didn’t give up being an Eggers.  

As a wedding photographer, I always make sure to capture real moments, even if they’re not perfect. Because these are the moments that make you who you are. 

couple celebrates after wedding ceremony

2. The Post-Ceremony Celebration. 

My absolute favorite wedding moment is right after the ceremony. The moment it sinks in that you actually got married usually leads to the largest smiles and reactions.  Real, authentic love stories are what my favorite wedding moments are all about. 

Couple first dance at wedding

3. Our First Dance

Taylor and I aren’t big dancers in public. I can silly dance all day long, but actually dancing while others watched didn’t seem fun. Rather than cut our first dance, we decided to dance during cocktail hour, right after our entrance, as everyone was taking their seats for dinner. This was our moment to celebrate just the two of us, and this photo captures us in our own little world.

I always suggest couples take time to celebrate just the two of them on their wedding day. Whether you go on a walk or have a dance, remember it’s your day! Soak it all in together because the moments will fly by. 

4. My Bridal Portrait

I’ve never been the type of girl who likes photos of herself, but I love this photo of me in my wedding dress. It’s the most beautiful I’ve ever felt, which is why this photo makes the list. Here’s to being special on your wedding day!

Couple in the water in Maui

5. Our After Wedding Adventure Session

The reason Taylor and I choose Love & Water to photograph our wedding was because I’ve been following their Land & Sea Sessions for years! The colors are so dreamy! Check them out! Would you be interested in doing as adventure session after your wedding? 

I work hard to make sure my couples treasure their wedding photos for years to come. When you look through your wedding album 10, 20, 50 years from now, I want you to remember the little moments that made you feel special. Please contact me if you’re interested in remembering real moments on your wedding day for years to come.  

All Images in this blog were taken by Love & Water

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