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I'm excited to introduce you to our team!

As your photographers, we're beside you nearly every moment of one of the most incredible days of your life.
I think that calls for a bit of "getting to know yous" right?

I'll go first.

Marrying the concepts of 

Preservation & Change

Your wedding images are so much more than a handful of snapshots. They preserve the authentic emotions and candid moments while also becoming a time capsule to recall the beauty of change.

That is one of the surprising ways our documentary wedding photography mirrors Hillary's previous work as a conservation photojournalist — both capture the essence of right now and preserve it for the future.

Documentarians | Conservationists | Hopeful Romantics

The Hillary Shedd Photography team is made up of four talented and caring photographers. Hillary has hand picked, hired, and personally trained each photographer to document weddings in her documentary approach. We want you to look back on your wedding photos and remember the feelings of each moment. 

We serve couples throughout Colorado, and especially love to connect with our clients. Please reach out through our contact form, and we look forward to getting to know you!

Your photos matter today, but think of how much more they’ll matter tomorrow. 

Hillary - Lead Photographer & owner

Professionally trained in photojournalism, Hillary began capturing images for conservation-minded organizations, such as the National Audubon Society, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

After having her first daughter, Hillary transitioned to photographing weddings and blended her love of love stories with her documentary style photography to tell wedding love stories.  

Taylor - Lead Photographer

Hillary's husband, baby daddy, and partner in crime. Airline pilot by day and wedding photographer by weekend, Taylor is a calming breath of fresh air on wedding days with his contagious smile and creative style.

His favorite photography style is candid, documentary where you aren't even aware you are being photographed because you are living in the moment and basking in love at your wedding.

Molly - associate photographer

Mountain tops, alpine lakes, and open spaces are where Molly feels most at home. She loves Colorado with a passion and knows the best engagement and elopement locations.

Her calming presence and charismatic charm makes her the perfect person to have at your side on your wedding day. 

Kendra - Associate photographer

Kendra is a bride turned wedding photographer. She has always loved photography and after geeking out on her wedding day, we realized she would be a great addition to the team.

Kendra is a Colorado native, loves tennis, and as a recent bride, she knows how to help each couple find wedding day bliss.

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