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My name is Hillary, and I am a Colorado Wedding and Engagement Photographer. I also love adventuring with my hunky husband, and I am a  new mom who lives in Fort Collins. I believe our time with loved ones is the most valuable thing we have, and this belief fuels me to photograph your most important moments! 

Rocky Mountain National Park Snowy Engagement

Bear Lake Engagement Photographs by Hillary Shedd Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographer


Spring in Colorado is always a wildcard! It may rain, snow, and reach 75 degrees all in the same week!
Thankfully, Zyanya and Evan brought their love to keep them warm during this snowy engagement shoot. When I contacted them about the possible weather challenges a couple days before the shoot, they replied with excitement! Evan grew up in Alaska, so the snow was no big deal to him, and Zyanya grew up in Mexico so the idea of a snowstorm made her jump for joy. 

About the Couple

Zyanya and Evan’s love story spans the globe! They originally met on Bumble in Korea where he was stationed in the Air Force and she was teaching and traveling. They currently live in Colorado Springs. Evan is quiet, reserved, and introverted, while Zyanya is bright, bubbly, and extroverted! Their personalities compliment each other perfectly.  As they held each other to stay warm, their love and respect for each other glowed–that is, until they stood under a snow branch that was waiting to be pulled. I loved watching their love come to life as they played, kissed, and enjoyed this stage of life in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Enjoy the photos and scroll to the bottom to read Zyana and Evan’s BIG news!

Zyana and Evan are the type of people who brighten up the world around them. I had SO much fun in the snow, and feel like they are lifelong friends already. That makes me even more exciting to share that Zyana and Evan will be welcoming a baby girl in September! 

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