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My name is Hillary, and I am a Colorado Wedding and Engagement Photographer. I also love adventuring with my hunky husband, and I am a  new mom who lives in Fort Collins. I believe our time with loved ones is the most valuable thing we have, and this belief fuels me to photograph your most important moments! 

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Black and white photo of desert plant taken by Hillary Shedd Photography, Colorado wedding photographer

Managing Overwhelming Feelings

A little while ago, I asked my Instagram followers what you wanted to read about in this blog. In addition to “amazing Colorado weddings” and “beautiful couples in the mountains,” I received some requests that surprised me: “How do you do it all!?” “Help this girl with all the wedding stress” and “Balance: working, life, wedding planning, and pandemic.” While I’m no life coach, I can share a handful of things that have helped me manage overwhelming feelings. Here are 5 ways that I make that anxiety ball in my chest melt into the feeling of accomplishment.

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Should We Get Engagement Photos Taken?

Hillary Shedd Photography   Colorado Wedding & Engagement Photographer Engagement photos aren’t for everyone. They may seem unnecessary or a waste of time, but I am a huge fan on engagement photos and believe every couple

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Snowy mountain engagement shoot in Breckenridge, Colorado with Hillary Shedd Photography, Colorado Wedding Photographer.

Winter Breckenridge Engagement | Jane & Jeff

Jane & Jeff are the dream Colorado couple. They met while being skiing and snowboarding instructors in Winter Park. During their first interaction, Jeff worked up the courage to talk to Jane by their staff lockers. Jane, however, brushed right by him without saying anything! Was he so nervous that he only said hello in his head? Maybe, because that night Jane and her friends visited the brewery Jeff worked at in the evenings in hopes to see him. After their first conversation, they were hooked!

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Wedding Day Details

It’s My Wedding Anniversary!

And in honor of my wedding anniversary, I’m happy to share a handful of my favorite wedding photos with you.
I am one of those people who genuinely loves weddings! I love that everyone gets dressed up. I love the speeches and reflecting on how the couple getting married came to be. Most of all, I love the symbolism behind wedding ceremonies.

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Cover Images of different Wedding Publication images collaged together by Hillary Shedd Photography, Colorado Wedding Photographer

My Favorite Wedding Publications

Wedding inspiration! All of my favorite wedding publications linked in one place. One of my 2021 goals is to get published in as many of these publications as I can. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a handful of them and would be absolutely honored to be featured again in others. Would you like to help me with this goal? Contact me today, and be sure to share which publication you’d love to be featured in! Let’s work together to make it happen.

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Colorado Wedding Photographer and second shooter for Hillary Shedd Photography

Introducing My Second Shooter

If you’ve talked with me about having a second shooter at your wedding, you know I’m a stickler for manual mode and intentional shots. I’m proud to announce that my husband is ready! Please meet Taylor Shedd.

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Couple walks while holding hands at a wedding in Colorado photographed by Hillary Shedd Photography, Colorado Wedding Photographer

Wedding Timeline Tips

Creating a wedding timeline can be a daunting task. For the majority of couples, this is your very first time planning a wedding! Here are my top eight wedding day timeline tips:

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Colorado Springs Engagement Photos | Candace & Marcus

“One conversation and I was hooked on who he was!”

Marcus has that effect. His words are intentional and heartwarming, while his smile is infectious. Candace is the same way, and spending an afternoon with them in Colorado Springs felt like going on a hike with old friends. Marcus has three children from a previous marriage, and Candace has wholeheartedly welcomed them into her heart. I loved hearing about their blended family and seeing their honest smiles throughout their engagement shoot.

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